Low Dopamine symptoms and solutions


The chemical Dopamine is a vital neurotransmitter in your brain.  A neurotransmitter is a substance that helps deliver ‘’stimuli’’ between two nerve endings in the brain. It is generally involved in the reward circuitry of your brain, which gives you motivation and feelings of happiness. Thus, it is essential that there is a good concentration of Dopamine in your brain. Unfortunately, the level of Dopamine functioning is at an all time low these days, because of overstimulation of the brain’s reward circuitry.

1] Depression

Depression is one of the major symptoms of low dopamine levels in the brain. Because Dopamine is involved with giving us feelings of happiness, a reduced concentration of Dopamine results in feelings of sadness and even major depression. As mentioned before, Dopamine gives a human being motivation to find rewards in this world and when a big source of ‘’rewards’’ are found, Dopamine sensitivity in the brain lowers; resulting in depression. That’s why it is important not to over stimulate your brain with ‘’fake’’ rewards as is explained in ‘’Is excessive porn use and masturbation making your social anxiety/depression worse?’’

2] Restless Leg Syndrome

Science believes that low Dopamine sensitivity can be responsible for Restless Leg Syndrome, although it is usually genetic.

3] ADD

Because attention is a natural reward for your brain, lowered Dopamine can give the person a feeling that he/she is lacking attention. As a result of that, one can develop Attention Deficit Disorder.

4] Social Anxiety

Several studies have shown that humans with high Dopamine are usually dominant individuals. Thus, low Dopamine concentrations, gives you feelings of social discomfort and anxiety. Other studies show that autistic individuals have unusual low levels of Dopamine in the brain.


First, give your brain a rest from all over stimulation that is found in our world. Internet use, hours and hours of watching TV, consumption of excess sugary and fattening foods and pornography viewing, all result in lower and lower sensitivity to this neurotransmitter.  These are habits that our ancient brain (yes, ancient!) can’t handle, leading to addiction to several habits and depression. Our brains are supposed to survive in a world where one needs to search for food and mating opportunities.  You’ll need to rewire your brain to the real word to get rid of depression.

Second, don’t use any drugs. Drugs like cocaine and heroin all focus on skyrocketing Dopamine in your brain, resulting in big lows when the drug is not consumed. Basically, these drugs are forms of ‘’rewards’’ to the brain, but in a synthetic form. Because of the high it gives you, the brain’s sensitivity to Dopamine lowers resulting in an addiction.

You should look for habits that raise your Dopamine to a manageable level, such as constructing a good diet, exercising and socializing. These are rewards that are brains were evolved to look out for. Keep your TV and Internet use to a minimum. Eliminate any pornography viewing because this is a hyper stimulating form of the sexual reward, as can be read in ‘’Is excessive porn use and masturbation making your social anxiety/depression worse?’’


Dopamine is a vital neurotransmitter that is responsible for reward seeking and feelings of euphoria. Low Dopamine results in symptoms such as depression, restless leg syndrome, ADD and social anxiety. Low Dopamine unfortunately has become a big problem recently.

Constructing a healthy diet and keeping your TV and Internet use to a minimum will help you keep your Dopamine at a good level.

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